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Is Losing A Dental Crown An Emergency?

Is Losing A Dental Crown An Emergency?

Generally, losing a dental crown is not an emergency. People with dental restorations like dental crowns tend to feel worried when their crown falls off their tooth. It is important to note that losing dental crowns is a fairly common experience and may occur for various reasons, including biting down on something hard, a sharp blow to the jaw, or even forgetting to brush on one side.

Although losing a dental crown is not an emergency in many instances, you will still need to see a dentist to protect your tooth, so it stays intact. You want to have the crown replaced as soon as possible.

When should losing a dental crown be considered an emergency?

You don’t have to contact your dentist immediately if your crown falls off, but some scenarios require urgent attention. These include:

✓ If you’re experiencing severe pain

✓ There are signs of trauma

✓ The crown is partially attached to the tooth

✓ The crown can’t be completely removed or put back in place

See your dentist if you notice these signs.

Is a broken crown an emergency

A broken crown is not a dental emergency unless the jagged edges are sharp. Delay in visiting your dentist may lead to the edges cutting your tongue or cheeks by accident.

Things to do when your crown falls off?

Losing a dental crown can be scary, but if yours falls out, here are a few things you should do.

✓ Stay calm. Realize that you may experience some pain initially, but the situation can be fixed.

✓ If the pain or discomfort is unbearable, use over-the-counter pain relievers.

✓ Inspect the dental crown to see if there’s a tooth inside. If there’s none, it’s a sign that it can be reattached.

✓ Call your dentist as soon as possible and schedule an appointment.

✓ Keep the crown clean by washing with gentle soap and water. Then store it in a clean place such as a plastic bag.

✓ Purchase a dental cement at the pharmacy and mold it around the exposed tooth to protect it.

✓ Avoid certain foods until you’re able to see the dentist.

Can a crown be removed and reused?

It depends on the condition of your crown. If it is still intact, it can be reused, but if not, your dentist will make a new crown for your tooth.

Can I eat if my crown falls off?

Yes, you can eat without your crown, but avoiding crunchy, chewy, or tough foods is best. Also, avoid hot or cold foods as these can cause pain.

What happens if I swallow my crown?

This is a medical emergency, so call a medical doctor immediately. There’s a strong possibility that you instead breathed it in and that the crown is now in your lungs. A medical doctor will take x-rays to see where the crown went. It’s important not to take chances should this happen.


If you have lost a crown and need an emergency dentist, or you would like to have it replaced, contact us today.

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