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Armenian Dentists in Burbank, CA

Armenian Dentists in Burbank, CA

Are you looking for an Armenian Dentist in Burbank? Found within beautiful Los Angeles County among some picturesque neighborhoods, finding the right dentist in Burbank can be a challenge. Armenians have established a small but vibrant community among the various communities that have contributed to the city’s mosaic. In this article, we’ll be looking at how the Armenians got to Burbank, their population in the city, and the broader Armenian presence in the greater Los Angeles area. Also, we’ll be highlighting the achievements of some of the more famous Armenian dentists who have impacted dental care in LA. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Why Did Armenians Move to Burbank?

The story of Armenians in Burbank begins with the city’s welcoming and diverse community. Throughout the 20th century, many Armenians sought refuge from political upheavals and conflicts in their homeland, finding solace and new opportunities on American shores. This wave of migration brought a vibrant cultural infusion to Burbank, transforming it into a haven for ethnic diversity. As the Armenian community established itself, numerous individuals pursued professions in various fields, including dentistry. The openness of Burbank’s residents and its reputation for fostering inclusivity played a pivotal role in attracting Armenians to settle in the scenic city.

How Many Armenians Are in Burbank, CA?

Over the years, the Armenian community has become an integral part of the social fabric of Burbank. Based on 2011 American Community Survey data, approximately 214,618 Armenians have established themselves in Los Angeles County. This significant presence positions Los Angeles County as the largest community of Armenians outside the borders of Armenia itself. Since then, the exact number of Armenians residing in the city has been a fluid statistic, reflective of migration trends and demographic changes. However, it’s clear that the large community contributes to the city’s cultural vibrancy and economic vitality.

Where Do Most Armenians Live in Los Angeles?

Burbank is a significant hub for Armenians in the Los Angeles area, but neighboring communities like Glendale are also known for their Armenian populations. Glendale, in particular, has evolved into a thriving epicenter of Armenian culture, housing various institutions, restaurants, and businesses that celebrate the heritage of its residents. This dynamic distribution reflects the widespread impact of the Armenian community throughout Los Angeles County.

Famous Armenian Dentists in LA, Glendale, and Burbank

Due to the lively community of Armenians in LA, there are quite a few excellent dentists and oral surgeons in the area. Driven by a commitment to excellence and patient well-being, these professionals have earned recognition for their exceptional skills and compassionate care.

Dr. Margossian and Dr. Pezeshkian of Burbank Oral Surgery in Burbank are board-certified experts in oral and maxillofacial surgery. This includes wisdom teeth extraction, bone grafting, dental implants, and corrective jaw surgery.

Dr. Hambarchian of ProDent Care in Glendale offers a comprehensive range of dental services, including fillings, crowns, implants, teeth cleaning, and more. At her practice, she emphasizes community outreach and ongoing education, focusing on patient comfort and multilingual support.

Dr. Harmandarian in Eagle Rock has 20 years of experience working at community health centers. She started her own practice to serve families in her community and provide affordable health care.

These dentists, among many others, stand as pillars of excellence and compassion in the community, embodying the values of their heritage while contributing to the advancement of dental care in Burbank, Glendale, and beyond.


The story of Armenian dentists in Burbank and beyond showcases the resilience and strength of the LA community, driven by a shared pursuit of professional excellence and cultural celebration. As Armenians continue to make their mark in various fields, the dental industry is one that reveals their dedication and service to their community. Armenian dentists are integral in shaping a brighter and healthier future for everyone.

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