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Is Bone Grafting A Major Surgery?

✓ Bone augmentation is a surgical procedure and its commonly employed to resolve issues related to bones and joints.
✓ It provides structural stability for other parts of the body and can also serve as a replacement for an area where there is bone loss.
✓Bone grafts can either be obtained from your body or outsourced from another individual and can also be synthetic.

Bone Grafting Types

✓ Before a bone grafting surgery, the medical practitioner must confirm your medical history and examine it.
✓ The procedure can be don both under local anesthesia or general anesthesia.
✓ In case it is decided to place you under anesthesia it is recommended to fast for about 12 hours before the surgery, this is to prevent complications while under anesthesia.
✓ You would be anesthetized, and the surgeon, through an incision, obtains a graft and shapes it to fill the area needed.
✓ The graft is held in place with pins, plates, or wires to secure it, after which the incision will be closed.

Bone Grafting Recovery

✓ Recovery from major bone grafting takes a longer duration than minor bone grafting and is also dependent on the size of the graft and other factors.
✓ Your surgeon might require you to stay away from physical activities as your recovery takes place, lasting for about 2 weeks to a month.
✓ The swelling and pain experienced can be relieved by applying ice or placing your arm or leg in an elevated position after the surgery.
✓ Exercising and maintaining a healthy diet are also necessary to aid swift recovery.
✓ As with several other surgical procedures, some complications and risks can arise from bone grafting. This includes pain, inflammation, and failure of the bone graft.


Bone grafting is a great procedure to repair large structural defects in jaws. It can also involve a minor action needed to support dental implants during tooth replacement. To ensure the full success of the bone grafting surgery, it is essential to adhere strictly to instructions given to you by your surgeon before and after surgery.

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