Full mouth restoration with all on 4 dental implants

Approximately 35 million people deal with tooth loss, and we’re working hard to find better solutions at Burbank Dental Lab. It already ten years, we’ve been using the latest technology to improve dental care. Our big breakthrough is the All On 4 Hybrid Implants, which are a game-changer for people missing teeth.

When you lose teeth, you often lose some jawbone too. Regular fixes like dentures or bridges can be tricky because of this bone loss and other issues. That’s why we came up with the smart All On 4 idea.
With All On 4, we use four to six implants per arch. Two go straight up in the front, and two are angled in the back. This helps us make the most of the existing bone, and there’s no need for extra procedures like moving nerves or grafting bone. We’re committed to using the best technology to help people with tooth loss. The All On 4 Hybrid Implants not only make your teeth work again but also improve your overall oral health. It’s a big step forward in dental care for those dealing with tooth loss.

The advantages of the All On 4 procedures include:

  • Simplified cleaning process
  • Immediate functionality
  • Enhanced biomechanics
  • Elimination of the need for a bone graft
  • Reduced complexity in surgical procedures
  • An excellent treatment choice, particularly for cost considerations
  • A well-documented and high success rate

Patient Care Guidelines

The All On 4 dental implant treatment has demonstrated its effectiveness in bringing back smiles for individuals with missing teeth, backed by strong clinical evidence. The success of this procedure hinges on identifying the most suitable candidates.

Certain factors such as smoking, specific medications, or existing health conditions could heighten the chances of complications with implants. Therefore, meticulous selection of patients is crucial for successful results. A comprehensive evaluation, including x-rays and cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT), is necessary to assess the appropriateness of the All On 4 restorative choices for each individual. Once the choice is made to utilize the All On 4 techniques, there are multiple restorative choices accessible to customize the treatment based on the unique needs of each individual. Here at Burbank Dental Lab, we employ these options to guarantee that every patient obtains a customized hybrid restoration tailored to their specific situation.

All On 4 Workflow

There are two main approaches to the workflow: one follows the conventional methods for restorations supported by implants, while the other employs digital techniques. Here’s how the digital workflow method unfolds:

Either replicate the existing denture or craft a new set, based on the specific circumstances.

  • Employ the new denture as a model for a CT scanning device.
  • Strategize the positioning of the implants.
  • Develop a guided surgery device.
  • Implement the guide for precise implant placement.
  • Capture a digital impression.
  • Construct a PMMA provisional.
  • Complete the process by delivering the final restoration.

Various workflow approaches are available for handling All On 4 cases.
It’s advisable to initiate the planning for such treatment early on, involving the laboratory in the initial phases to determine the most effective method for each unique situation.

Offering the All On 4 technique for restoring cases of tooth loss is a highly beneficial choice. Burbank Dental Lab stands out as a leading dental lab with extensive expertise in addressing edentulous cases. Our dental implant team is ready to provide consultations before treatment, offering valuable insights for planning and considering restorative options.