Teeth on Multiple Dental Implants

If you’re missing multiple teeth, you have several dental replacement options such as dentures and bridge implants to choose from but none comes close to dental implants. They’re the only long term treatment option known to be long-lasting, enjoy a good success rate and provide comfort for patients in the long-run.
At BrightCrafts Dental, we have restored the smiles of thousands of people who lost multiple teeth and you can become one of the success stories.

What are teeth on multiple dental implants?

✓  Teeth on multiple dental implants refer to a procedure in which several missing teeth are replaced.
✓  Depending on your needs, the implants can replace your natural teeth and some of their roots.
✓  This restorative solution will leave you with a beautiful smile that looks and feel natural.
✓  One of the replacement options for multiple missing teeth is the placement of a conventional bridge but we do not recommend this as it may put pressure on the healthy teeth that lie adjacent to the gap.
✓  The other option is partial or full dentures but they also come with a disadvantage in that they have a tendency to move when you speak or when you eat.
✓  But with multiple dental implants, there is no negative impact on your remaining natural teeth neither do they move or fall out when you’re speaking or eating.
✓  This is because the implants are placed directly into the bone, providing an anchor for teeth replacement.

 The process of getting multiple dental implants consists of different stages, which may require you to visit our office about four times. During your first visit, we perform an oral examination to fully assess your teeth and supporting bone structure.
 Next, we prepare the implant site to remove failing teeth. If there are any, the teeth will be extracted and you will be given 8 to 12 weeks to allow for full recovery before we proceed to the next stage of the treatment.
 Now you’re ready for dental insertion. We administer local anesthetic to minimize pain and discomfort, and then install the dental implants made of titanium to replace the job of the roots. If the gap left by your missing teeth is visible, we may place temporary artificial teeth until your next visit. This procedure takes two hours.
 We usually wait a period of 8 to 16 weeks for the jawbone to heal and for the implants to fully integrate into the surrounding bone. Afterwards, we insert the permanent artificial teeth. Since the treatment is for multiple teeth, you will receive a bridge that will be placed on the implants.

How many dental implants do I need?

✓  Every patient is unique and requires a personalized treatment that meets their needs.
✓  To determine the exact number of implants that are suitable for your situation, we will need to meet with you to perform a dental examination and discuss the ideal treatment plan for you.
✓  Generally, the factors that determine how many implants you need are the number of missing teeth and where they’re located along the arch.
✓  The least number of implants will be used to anchor the dental bridge or denture.
✓  We also ensure that there is enough implant to prevent bone loss so you can fully regain the aesthetics and function of your smile.

Who is a candidate for teeth on multiple dental implants?

 Most people with missing teeth are usually eligible for this procedure as age and gender are not a factor.
 However, we will examine your gum health as it is crucial for a successful procedure.
 If you’re dealing with gum disease, then your gingivitis or periodontitis will be treated first since the implant are to be placed into your gums.

Benefits of multiple teeth implants

The advantages of teeth on multiple dental implants are varied. Here are some of the key benefits:

 Many patients find them comfortable as they don’t cause gum irritation
 Multiple dental implants prevent bone loss as they replace tooth root and stimulate the bone
 The remaining natural teeth are not damaged or strained when you install multiple teeth implants
 They look, feel and function like natural, making it hard to tell them apart
 Teeth do not move or shake when you eat or speak
 Do not require any sticky glues
 The results are permanent

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