Snap On Overdentures

Almost everybody knows what dentures are, and it is only natural that most patients avoid getting traditional dentures, as they come with a list of disadvantages.
Implant-supported overdentures are the perfect alternative for those who dislike the idea of having regular ones. “How are they different from dentures?” you might ask. Implant-supported overdentures replace the upper or lower row of teeth. They have an anchor in the mouth – a kind of attachment that keeps the dentures in place. The overdentures stay secured as long as the patient doesn’t try to remove or reposition them.

The Main Procedure

✓ First, the dentist will pull all the bad teeth that cannot be saved.
✓ Later, the implant bases will be secured in the mouth.
✓ A break will follow to allow for healing.
✓ Patients will normally need four implants for the upper jaw.
✓ The lower jaw requires fewer implants; two are usually enough.
✓ This is because the upper jaw is softer and requires additional support.

Snap On Overdentures have many advantages:

What to do next?

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