Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Burbank

It’s difficult to find an adult who’s never been to the dentist – we have all sat in a dental chair at some point in our lives. Most people agree that this is not the best experience they’ve had, and more than often, the fear of dentists will prompt one to skip their visits. This might become a reason for dental problems to spread in the oral cavity over time, creating necessity to treat all or almost all of a patient’s teeth rather than just one. This is called a full mouth rehabilitation.
As all dental procedures, a full-mouth rehabilitation starts with a checkup. After a full examination of the oral cavity, the dentist will come up with a treatment plan for the particular patient.

Generally, a person will need a full mouth rehabilitation if he is facing one of the following problems:

✓ Worn down teeth
✓ Chronic pain
✓ Missing teeth
✓ Dental trauma
✓ Gum disease

Most often, the treatment will last from weeks to months, as some of the procedures require a lengthy healing period. Patients should bear in mind that full mouth rehabilitation requires time, patience, and dedication.

What to do next?

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