Cerec: Same-Day Crowns and Onlays

Porcelain crowns and onlays crowns are one of the most performed restorative procedures in dentistry, but the process can be frustrating. You’d have to visit your dentist multiple times, have an impression taken and sent to the dental lab, wear a temporary crown while you wait and all of these could take a good few weeks. If you need a crown but don’t have the time in your schedule, at BrightCraft Dental and Laser, we can help you get your smile back on track in no time with our Same-Day Crowns CEREC service.

What is Same-Day Crowns CEREC?

✓  CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration Esthetic Ceramics.
✓  It is a 3D computer-aided design and manufacturing system that allows dentists design and fabricate custom ceramic crowns while you’re sitting in a dental chair.
✓  With this system, all your dental work can be completed in one visit with minimal inconvenience.
✓  Same-Day Crowns CEREC is a significant tool in the field of dentistry as it eliminates the lengthy process and lag time in between the appointments to restore your damaged teeth with crowns, onlays or even veneers.
✓  When you visit us for a same-day restorative treatment, you won’t have to wait a long time while your tooth mold is sent to an external lab and a temporary crown is placed as an interim.
✓  Multiple studies affirm that Same-Day Crowns CEREC is a safer way to restore your broken or decayed teeth compared to traditional methods.
✓  What’s more, it saves you time and inconvenience since the process can be done in just an hour.

✓   Before you get started, we may carry out an oral examination to determine if CEREC is right for you.
✓   Once we have confirmed the health of your tooth structure, we administer anesthetic to ensure your comfort and then begin a prep work that may involve deep cleaning, decay removal or a root canal.
✓   Next, we use state-of-the-art CEREC 3D digital intraoral scanner device to capture detailed images of your mouth.
✓   This only takes a couple of minutes and requires no gooey, uncomfortable putty in your mouth.
✓   The impression goes into a computer where we will design your custom dental crown.
✓   Next, a milling unit receives the digital model and precisely carves your restoration out of a ceramic block.
✓   During the same appointment, your crown will be ready for placement and we review it to ensure it fits properly in your mouth.
✓   The crown is then polished and bonded to your tooth.

Am I a candidate for Same-Day Crowns CEREC?

We might recommend CEREC if:

✓  You have a healthy tooth that can be upgraded same day
✓  You have a phobia for dentists
✓  You want to avoid embarrassments caused by tooth injury or tooth loss
✓  You have a tight schedule

What are the advantages of Same-Day Crowns CEREC?

There are several benefits of Same-Day Crowns but the most notable ones include:

✓  Convenience: With this service, you can cut down the number of trips you have to make to the dentist to just one. And you don’t have to dedicate the entire day for the treatment either as it can be completed in an hour.
✓  Durability: Crowns made using CEREC are long-lasting because of the high-level of accuracy of the technology and the high-quality materials used. You can expect the results to last for many years.
✓  Natural beauty: Same-day crowns made with CEREC look and feel like natural teeth, making it hard for anyone to tell it’s a crown. It’s an effective way to restore your smile and complete your set of teeth.

Regain your brilliant smile in less time

You deserve top-quality and convenient dental care.
At BrightCraft Dental and Laser, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful smiles with this technology in no time.
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