Digital X-Ray Services

Good oral health is critical to good overall health. While it’s vital to maintain your oral health, dental problems may occur that require medical attention.
The first step to addressing those issues is to get a digital x-ray. Accurate diagnosis of health problems increases your chances for successful outcomes.
At BrightCraft Dental and Laser, we offer digital x-ray services that allow us properly diagnose oral problems and treat a variety of tooth and gum conditions.

What is digital x-ray?

Digital x-ray is the latest technology in dentistry to identify the hidden or underlying dental problems that are not detected during regular dental exams.
It involves the use of very small bursts of radiation to create images of the internal structure of your mouth and jaw.
At BrightCraft Dental and Laser, we care about your oral health and are resolved to leave no stone unturned in ensuring proper dental treatments.
Digital x-rays provide us with clear imaging of hard-to-reach areas of your mouth, which we can use to diagnose problems.

How does digital x-ray work?

✓  Digital x-rays entail the use of electronic sensors that are used to capture and record highly-detailed images of your mouth.
✓  The advantage of this technology over traditional x-ray is that it eliminates the need for developing (or chemical processing) of images.
✓  We can simply shift the sensor slightly in your mouth to capture every surface of every tooth.

Digital x-ray can detect:

•  Cavities
•  Bone or gum loss
•  Periodontal disease
  Benign or malignant tumors
•  Any abnormal structures within the lower portion of the head

What’s the process for dental digital x-ray?

The process for getting a digital x-ray includes the following steps:

•   We discuss with you so we can assess the value of the information that the x-ray will yield.
•   Depending on the result of our evaluation, we may recommend small intraoral x-rays or the whole mouth CBCT scan.
•   You get settled in a dental chair, we place a leaded apron for additional safety and position the machine next to your mouth or head.
•   The X-ray sensor is inserted into your mouth and images are instantly projected onto a computer.
•   We may recommend additional x-rays if we are monitoring an ongoing issue or if we are performing a dental work on you.

Is digital x-ray safe?

Digital x-rays make use of very small bursts of radiation to capture images of your mouth. Although traditional x-rays are generally considered safe, digital x-rays use 70% less radiation for dental imaging. The dose of radiation is .005 millisieverts (mSv), which is lower than the average radiation you receive on a typical day. This makes digital x-rays very safe.

What are the advantages of digital x-rays?

The benefits of digital x-rays include:

 Enhanced images: Unlike traditional x-ray, digital x-rays provide highly-detailed images, giving plenty of information for your dentist to work with.
 Enlargement options: Traditional x-rays can only be viewed at actual size. With digital x-rays, we can zoom into the images captured to catch potential problems.
 Immediate viewing: Digital x-rays can save your time because you don’t have to wait for the images to be processed. They are projected to the computer screen instantly for immediate viewing
 Images can be stored: Digital x-rays allow for the storage of images, which means they can sent to insurance companies to minimize treatment disruptions.
 Comfort: The sensors are small and cause no discomfort, especially when compared to traditional x-rays.

Digital X-rays at BrightCraft Dental and Laser

We are committed to offering the best dental technology to our patients. If you have any questions or would like to have a digital x-ray taken for an oral problem, we invite you to schedule a consultation today.

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