Porcelain Fillings: Dental Inlays - Onlays

Tooth cavity is a threat to your beautiful smile but the good news is that you can get porcelain filling to restore your tooth in an aesthetic-pleasing way. Porcelain fillings are among the most natural-looking and durable restorations available today. Compared to metal fillings, porcelain fillings are virtually undetectable because they are designed to look and perform just like your natural teeth. At BrightCraft Dental and Laser, we offer porcelain fillings to restore the aesthetics of your smile and prevent further damage to your teeth.

What are porcelain fillings?

 Porcelain fillings, also known as inlays or onlays, are a type of filling used to restore moderately damaged or decayed teeth to provide strength and stability for normal chewing.
 They are made of ceramic material and can be colored to blend in perfectly with the color of your natural teeth.
 The procedure is referred to as inlays when porcelain fillings are used to fill the inner tooth cavity because there is no damage to the cusps of the tooth.
 It is referred to as onlays when there is extensive damage to the inner tooth and fillings must be placed to cover or replace a larger portion of the tooth structure. 

What’s the process for porcelain fillings?

The process for receiving porcelain fillings begins with a consultation so we can discuss your goals and carry out an assessment of your mouth.
The oral examination will show the extent of damage and help in determining whether your case requires inlays or onlays.
Prior to adding a filling or carrying out a full restoration, we need to get rid of the decayed portion of your tooth.
To avoid discomfort, a local anesthetic is administered to numb the target area while we remove the dental decay.
A temporary filling is placed in the tooth until the porcelain filling is ready.
Next, we make an 3D Scan impression of the area to be filled with which a custom-fit porcelain filling can be made.
With the help of computer CAD/CAM design software we design, mill and bond the restoration to the damaged portion of your tooth.
A special high-intensity blue light will be used to harden the bonding materials.
Although the procedure is painless, you may experience discomfort after the procedure.
It is normal and should subside after a few hours.
The duration for porcelain onlay or inlay treatment varies between people as it largely depends on how much of your tooth is decayed.
Porcelain dental inlays and onlays take 1 visits to complete.

How long do porcelain fillings last for?

Porcelain fillings are very durable and have the same kind of strength as the natural tooth enamel. As a result, they can last just as long as the teeth they’re bonded to. You can expect the fillings to last up to 15 years, if the restoration was properly done. Plus, they are resistant to every day wear and tear, and do not break easily, indicating that may last significantly longer.

What are the advantages of porcelain fillings?

The benefits of porcelain fillings are varied including:

✓   They are colored to match your tooth, eliminating any evidence of dental work
✓   They can be personalized with your existing teeth
✓   They are long-lasting
✓   They are sturdy and wear-resistant
✓   They are resistant to variations in temperature
✓   They deliver aesthetically-pleasing results
✓   They are the most suitable option for large restorations of the back teeth

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If you’re looking for a restoration option that’s strong and gives a more natural appearance, porcelain fillings are your best bet. At BrightCraft Dental and Laser, we have helped many patients fill cavities in their mouth with porcelain fillings, and restore the structure and shape of their tooth. Contact us today to restore the aesthetics of your smile.

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