Invisalign Retainer (After Treatment)

Keep Your New Smile for Life.

✓  After completing the Invisalign treatment, we give patients a retainer to maintain their newly aligned teeth.

✓  We custom-make each retainer to fit your teeth perfectly.

✓  While it may be tempting to forget about the retainer and just enjoy your new smile, the retainer is just as crucial as the Invisalign treatment itself.

✓  It ensures that the teeth stay straight and prevents them from moving back to their original position.

Why Invisalign Retainers are Important

✓  Teeth tend to return to their original position if not retained after undergoing orthodontic treatment, such as Invisalign.

✓  This is because your teeth are under constant pressure from the surrounding tissues, including the gums, bones, lips, and tongue, which take a bit longer to fully align.

✓  Invisalign retainers gently but purposefully remind the teeth to stay straight after the active Invisalign treatment is completed.

✓  Invisalign retainers also have several other post-treatment benefits, including keeping gaps closed, maintaining bite correction, preventing teeth from crowding, and preventing grinding while sleeping.

We decide on the best type of retainer for each patient based on various factors, including the stability of the gums and bone tissues, pressures from the lips and tongue, and the extent of correction needed.

✓  Invisalign Retainers: Invisalign retainers are nearly invisible and look and feel similar to the Invisalign aligners that were worn during treatment. These are the most common option we use. They usually last for a few years, but sometimes a replacement is needed.

✓  Hawley Retainers: There may be times when orthodontic retainers made out of plastic and metal, called Hawley retainers, are advised. These are a more stringent treatment, and we may make this recommendation based on how the teeth were before the Invisalign treatment and what is required to maintain the correction.

✓  Fixed or Permanent Retainers: A fixed or permanent orthodontic retainer is a small wire placed on the inside surfaces of the lower or upper front teeth. It is not visible from the outside from most angles. Generally, these are left in permanently to ensure that the teeth remain corrected and protect the investment made in the Invisalign treatment.

Taking Care of Your Retainer

Finally, it is important to take care of your retainer for as long as you’re using it. This will protect its longevity and effectiveness.

✓  Always store it in its protective case when you’re not using it
✓  Clean it daily using a mild soap and water mixture
✓  Avoid hot water when cleaning it, as this can cause the retainer to warp
✓  Regular dental visits are essential to make sure everything is going smoothly

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